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Weekly cutting to ensure your yard is always looking its best. 


It's all about the details. We keep all hard surfaces & beds edged and finish by blowing off all surfaces for a clean, crisp look.


Hedges are an integral part of your yard's appearance. We build hedge trimming into our weekly routines so your property always looks its best.




New pine straw can bring a fresh look to any landscape. We offer both regular and long needle pine straw.

Pine Straw

Mulch brings a deep, rich color to your beds. We offer red, brown and black mulch. 

Hardwood Mulch

In addition to the smell, pine mulch looks great too. We offer pine mulch and the smaller pine chips.

Pine Mulch



Everything You Need. One Price.

We like to keep things easy. We build all of your annual service into one simple monthly price. We also offer a variety of payment methods based on what's easiest for you. 

Clean up remaining winter leaves, prune crepe myrtles if desired, weed and spray beds for winter weeds, begin scalping warm season lawns. Rejuvenation prune all applicable shrubs. These visits prepare your property for spring and eliminate the need for spring clean-up.


Cut grass, trim and edge beds, driveways and walkways, weed and spray bed areas. Prune shrubs. Blow off drive, walks, curb, front, back porches, decks, and patios.


In addition to regular maintenance, we blow leaves off of all  grass areas and shrubs into designated natural areas if present, or remove from your yard. 


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